Photography always has been something that has pulled me in. My passion for children’s photography began after our first baby was born, and I realized how quickly they grow and how much I wanted to remember every single little thing. I have so many pictures of our kids and I love looking back on them. It is such a powerful tool and I strongly believe photographs are so important in preserving memories of our lives and loved ones. 

My parents took me to Yellowstone for the first time when I was about 8. I was enamored by the landscape and animals and it really was what originally sparked my love for being outside with a camera. After having kids I felt I had sort of missed my chance to travel with my camera. We got brave and despite having young kids in tow decided we would just take them along with us to the places we wanted to see and the ones we loved. We've learned they share a love for these things too and have become the best little travel buddies. I have really loved being about to document our travels and encounters with different places and animals the past couple of years.

Random things about me: I played lacrosse for two years at the University of Denver before coming to Utah to pursue my degree in photography, I love hiking and mountain biking, I could spend weeks lost in Yellowstone, I am a first degree black belt in martial arts, I love anything blue, sweet, or Disney. My husband is my best friend, he keeps me laughing and is continually pushing me to do what I love.  I am grateful for his support to pursue something I love so much. 


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