how to dress

1. Comfort

Wear things you normally wear and feel comfortable in. If dresses are not your thing, there are other options. Don't force yourself into clothing you do not feel comfortable in because it is an important part of loving your images. This applies to kids as well. Make sure they can move around well and are comfortable in whatever you dress them in.

2. Consider the season

If it is fall or winter, arrange your outfits so they keep kids warm. Usually sessions are booked either earlier morning, or later evening and generally it is chilly, especially if we are shooting somewhere with a slightly higher elevation. How comfortable they are can make a big difference with how they act during the session and if they are cold its really hard to make them happy.

3. Clothing Ideas and color palettes

Keep it simple! Neutrals or more muted colors tend to work a lot better than busy patterns and bright colors. Stay away from anything with characters on it, text and sayings, or crazy busy patterns. Do not put everyone in the same color top, instead try and mix a few different colors or shades through everyone's outfits.

session tips

1. Keep the snacks hidden

If you have younger children and would like to pack a snack or treat for them for after the session ( or as a last resort bribe if needed) that is totally fine! However don't tell them about it or give them it first thing. Usually once those are out it is really tough to get them put back away.

2. Don't stress

I know family picture day sometimes can feel overwhelming. Don't stress! I have been working with kids for a long time and have four of my own. I have lots of tricks to help them through the session so we can get great images. Try to keep the idea of pictures fun and not too overwhelming.

3. Remove things from pockets and off of wrists

Please put cell phones and keys away in a bag and take hair ties off before the session

What to expect after the SESSION

1. Galleries are sent out about a week after your session

Watch your email a week after for your unedited gallery. You then get to pick out the images you love and want edited.

2. Message me

Once you have selected your final images please text or email me that you're ready for me to being editing.

3. Final Gallery

Final images are usually ready about a week after you have contacted me that you're done choosing your images. Occasionally during my really busy times of the year (August-November) this can take a little longer. I will let you know if there is a delay.

4. Printing images

Pictures are best printed!! Not on a hard dive. If you need some suggestions for where to have things printed please feel free to reach out. I have places I love for canvas, books, and larger prints.