Session Tips

There is nothing better than bringing a new baby home. And being able to have photos to remember them when they are teeny tiny is priceless. Newborn sessions are very exciting however they sometimes can make parents feel a little stressed and overwhelmed how the session will go, especially when you're feeling tired from having a new baby at home. And if siblings are coming they usually are not quite adjusted to the new routine. To ensure the best success with your baby for your session, please make sure to read through the following guidelines before coming to the session.


Make sure baby is fully fed before you come with a good burping. Try for this to be done fairly close to the time that you're headed to the session. If you're nursing watch things like broccoli, beans, and how much dairy you eat the day before your session. Those can sometimes trigger gassy, fussy babies the day of.


Dress the baby in something that either snaps or zips down, nothing that is pulled over the head.


Bring a pacifier (even if they generally don't take it.) A lot of times they will during the session and it does make things go much smoother because we are able to calm them without having to pick them up. I know not everyone wants their baby to have one, but if you're willing these can make all the difference between a good session and one that is rough. Nursing and fingers in their mouth for soothing generally just do not work as well.


Bring extra milk (if formula feeding bring more then you think you need.)


Please double check you have a pacifier and milk because sessions do not go well when they are forgotten.


Give baby a bath the night before, this will help fluff any hair and keep the skin looking smooth and not shiny.


When you arrive carry baby inside in their carseat, we will setup everything and then take them out since a lot of times they will fall asleep on the way here. We want to move them around as little as possible. Please please do NOT take them out to carry them inside.


If bringing siblings, be aware they will need to wait quietly while we take photos of baby first. Bring snacks and something to do. I usually always do family and siblings last.


1. Galleries are sent out about a week after your session

Watch your email a week after for your unedited gallery. You then get to pick out the images you love and want edited.

2. Message me

Once you have selected your final images please text or email me that you're ready for me to being editing.

3. Final Gallery

Final images are usually ready about a week after you have contacted me that you're done choosing your images. Occasionally during my really busy times of the year (August-November) this can take a little longer. I will let you know if there is a delay.

4. Printing images

Pictures are best printed!! Not on a hard dive. If you need some suggestions for where to have things printed please feel free to reach out. I have places I love for canvas, books, and larger prints.